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Redeeming Gardens is a committed, reliable and organic garden service that carries out tree work, lawn care and landscaping garden spaces tailored to the customer’s taste.

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Founder, Chris, came to a love for horticulture through a background in Outdoor Education studying in Bedford where he went on to work for a start up landscape company, now thriving. Chris has come to be a passionate practitioner in the landscape industry building his company throughout residential areas of Wolverhampton and surrounding areas. He is married to his wife Lindsey and enjoys a country walk and a fine ale.


By committed we mean we genuinely care about our customers and ever seek to satisfy their requirements. This requires that we study horticulture, so we are undergoing the RHS Level 2 certicificate in Horticulture with the Horticultural Correspondence College



This day and age businesses promise a lot but often fail to deliver. We cannot guarantee perfection but we do constantly strive for excellence in our services. Reliable means we will turn up when we say we will and we will do what we agree to. Talk is cheap, check us out for yourselves.



We started out simply weeding borders and we have gone on to cater for hedge trimming, plant & tree specific pruning, tree work, lawn care and landscaping. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a growing understanding of horticulture, we are passionate about garden spaces and serving our clients well. Not only this, Redeeming Gardens seeks to benefit the wider landscape industry building good relationships with other reputable companies becoming well connected on all levels of the field. We have a few Garden over hauls under our belt and are now taking bookings for hard & soft landscaping projects as well as garden design & creation. 


Liability Insurance and Health & Safety Certificates

Fully insured up to £5,000,000 for landscaping, tree surgery and stump grinding. Chris is also a qualified arborist. 

In the course of a mere few months, Chris and his team turned an overgrown horse field into a wonderful garden, full of wildflowers, with a few fruit and ornamental trees, a largish field of grass and a small mound in the middle.
Chris and his team are competent and versatile gardeners. They plant and landscape things, of course, but they are also ready and able to construct a gazebo, pave patios and do a range of other things. The work has been outstanding, and the result is there to last.

Chris thinks creatively and finds solutions to risks and obstacles (and a stony horse field presents a few of those!). He is not merely concerned with today’s looks but also cares about the environmental footprint of gardening, and about the durability and the ease of long-term maintenance. He thought of an underground drip irrigation system for the hedges, for example: it minimises water wastage, and is invisible, easy to use and durable.

Chris is reliable, honest and a pleasure to work with. He is also relatively new to large-scale end-to-end gardening projects, and his cost estimates turned out to be unrealistic. All in all, I ended up paying 50% more than we had originally agreed on, and that was after dropping a few bits of the original plans. This was disappointing, but easier to swallow because it was obviously not the result of trickery or wastage. Instead, Chris had underbudgeted for the ever-costlier plants and trees and other inputs, and had underestimated the magnitude of some of the tasks. I don’t think anybody else could have done a better job, or a comparable job for less money.

Willem Van Eekelen

March 2023

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